Promotional Items


Make it COUNT because if you don’t your competitor will

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  • Promotional products promote
    • Persons, Places and Things
  • Promotional products promote
    • Ideas, Products, Goals, Memories and Values
  • Promotional products open doors you can’t
  • Promotional products say things you can’t

    When your Logo is printed on a promotional item it gives your business character and promotes your brand. It’s the message that is “left behind” for all to see, to have, to hold and to touch. A promotional product becomes your “silent sales force”. Promotional Products get your name out there and keeps your brand out there. Promotional Products deliver solid returns and higher financial results.

    Will Rogers once said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Don’t just sit there. Get on the right promotional product track. ImpressionSmart will help.

    Remember, giving-out promotional products leaves a “little bit” of you and your company in the hands of others. Promotional Products are lasting impressions that make a difference.

    When the "right" promotional product is distributed,

    • It positions...
    • It legitimizes...
    • A pen. A cup. A shirt.
    Everyday items that can promote your company, even when you're not there. They are your silent sales force.

    A promotional product is not a giveaway, a Chatzke, a gimmick. When chosen with thought and distributed creatively, it speaks for you.

    Give ImpressionSmart the space and we will get you printed!!!